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that all of the posthumous editions of Dostoevsky's works distorted the author's intentions? First of all, Dostoevsky's texts were edited according to the new school grammar and spelling rules introduced after 1885. Then, after the revolution of 1917, Dostoevsky's texts were "corrected" for political reasons and were also subjected to significant changes in spelling, which often altered the true appearance and spiritual significance of Dostoevsky's creation.

If you want to read the original texts of Dostoevsky you should sign up to receive the new edition of the Complete Works of Dostoevsky, which preserves the writer's own original orthography: his use of capital letters, punctuation and accent marks.

Beginning in 1995

Petrozavodsk State University
has been publishing

The Complete Works of Dostoevsky
in fifteen volumes
edited by V. N Zakharov

For the first time modern readers will be able to read Dostoevsky's texts as they were originally published without subsequent grammatical and political corrections. The edition restores the writer's orthography: his use of capital letters, punctuation and accent marks. It is the first and the only posthumous publication of Dostoevsky's works that completely preserves the author's intentions.

The publication includes all of Dostoevsky's published works, including his translation of Balzac's "Eugenie Grandet" that was not included in the last Soviet edition of his complete works. Essential historical and cultural commentaries also accompany the edition. The new Complete Works will prove essential for scholars of Dostoevsky because it provides definitive, canonical texts of his works. It will also prove invaluable for translators who will be better able to establish nuances of meaning. And all readers will be able to discover the original texts as Dostoevsky intended them.

At the Second Russian Book Exhibition (Moscow, September 1996) the first and second volumes of this series were awarded the first prize in the category of best edition of classical literature.

This edition also offers improved print quality.

The Complete Works of Dostoevsky in fifteen volumes
Edited by professor V. N. Zakharov

This edition also offers improved print quality.

Vol 1
        a.. Poor Folk.
        b.. The Double. The Adventures of Mr. Golyadkin.
        c.. Mr. Prohartchin.
        d.. Mocker.
        e.. Satirical article from Literary miscellany "April 1".
        f.. Novel in the Nine Letters, The. Polzunkov.
        g.. O de Balsac/Dostoevsky. Evgenia Grande.
     Vol 2
        a.. Petersburg's Chronicle.
        b.. Landlady, The.
        c.. Weak Heart.
        d.. Honest Thief. (From the notes of unknown).
        e.. Fir-tree and wedding. (From the notes of unknown).
        f.. Someone else's wife. (From the notes of unknown).
        g.. White nights.
        h.. Netochka Nezvanova.
        i.. A Little Hero.

      Vol 3
        a.. Siberias notebook.
        b.. Verses of 1854-1856 years.
        c.. Uncle's dream.
        d.. Stepanchikovo Village and its inhabitants.
        e.. Notes from the House of the Dead.
     Vol 4

        a.. Petersburg's dreams in verses and prose.
        b.. Oppressed and Insulted.
        c.. Some articles about Russian literature.
        d.. Editor's remarks in magazine "Vremya" (Time)
        e.. Articles from magazine "Vremia" (Time).
        f.. Dubia.

      Vol 5
        a.. Bad anecdote.
        b.. Winter Notes of Summer Impressions.
        c.. Articles (1861-1865).
        d.. Dubia.

     Vol 6
        a.. Notes from the Underground.
        b.. Crocodile.
        c.. The Double. Petersburg's poem.
        d.. The Gambler.
        e.. Everlasting husband.

      Vol 7
        a.. Crime and Punishment.

     Vol 8
        a.. Idiot.

      Vol 9
        a.. The Devils.

     Vol 10
        a.. Diary of Writer 1873 year.
        b.. Articles from "Grazdanin" (Citizen).
        c.. A short pictures (in the road).
        d.. Dubia.

      Vol 11
        a.. Raw Youth, The.

     Vol 12
        a.. Diary of a Writer 1876 year.

      Vol 13
        a.. Diary of a Writer 1877 year.

     Vol 14
        a.. The Brothers Karamazov. Parts 1-3.

      Vol 15
        a.. The Brothers Karamazov. Part 4. Epilogue.
        b.. Diary of Writer 1880 year.
        c.. Diary of Writer 1881 year.
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